Evolve is an all inclusive, talent development programme from EWL Club, incorporating peer to peer knowledge sharing and 'paying it forward' to support talent in the events industry, whether that be graduates, apprentices, or anyone who is simply looking to get ahead.

Our inclusive development programme is open to anyone looking to further their career in events, and will match the industry’s rising stars with the best established talent. To be considered for the programme simply complete your details and answer a few questions for us...
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It's not all about work! Work-liife balance is important so what's important to you outside of work and personally, where do you want to be (if you're not there already!)
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If you don't know what desert island discs is, google it, it's educational! Then have fun listing your top 8!
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Many thanks for taking the time to complete your Evolve application, we will review your answers and be in touch in regard to the next steps very soon!
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